Friday, October 30, 2015

Stanley goes to West Point, New York

 Stanley went to New York. He was at my aunt Faith's house.  They went to a West Point band concert.  West Point is a military academy.  It's a school.  It was founded in 1802, so it survived through wars and wars.  People who graduate from West Point become army officers.  

  See that guy?  He's my uncle, Jorge.
 Here is what Aunt Faith said about their visit to West Point.  "This is Stanley at Trophy Point, West Point. The army band was playing a concert entitled "The Long Gray Line". 
 "Jorge and Stanley fell asleep for a bit, but Stanley woke up to jam with Mama Jill to a medley they played of music from the '60s.
 "After the concert, Stanley met a percussionist from the band and his wife. This is President and Sister Sparrow of the West Point branch." (Of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints).  
We're happy that the postal service let Stanley go to New York.