Saturday, December 27, 2014

The zoo is fun with Stanley

we're at the zoo!!! knock
 knock.  who is there?  zoo.
 zoo who?  zoo stop bothering me! lol.

Stanley and stuff.

Here is Stanley.  Midwife ... is good!  We brought him there.  I was at the midwife to see about Mom's baby in her tummy.  I feel excited about a new brother!!!
Soccer was fun! Stanley came to watch us play.  I held him.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Farm With Stanley and Stuff

Stanley visited the farm with us.  It was fun!!  The weather was cool!!!
 The farm was decorated for Halloween!!!  Stanley likes Halloween, and I do, too, of course.
 We had a picnic.  Stanley's favorite thing to eat was a carrot.
 The picnic was the best.
 Stanley's favorite animal is a cow.  My favorite animal is a cow, too.  A cow is my favorite because it is on the ranch of my grampa.  My sister's favorite animal is a giraffe at the zoo.
 We played on the playground, and we saw the chickens, too.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Experience Music Project

Going to the Experience Music Project was really fun!  It was good with Stanley!  That was fun.  
First, we rode on the train there.  It was a monorail!  The train goes to the Seattle Center.  It was built for a fair! 
  I loved the train!
 Stanley loved the train.  Eloise loved the train.  We don't get to ride on trains very much.
 We saw the space needle when we got off.  It was very, very tall!!!

 Then we went to the big music room!!  Stanley played the guitar.  I liked to play the guitar.
I found this sandwich board.  It looked good!  It says the same thing as Stanley's shirt: Pop.
We went back on the train, too.  

We love to go to Seattle.  It was a great field trip.  Having Stanley with us made it even more fun!!! 

Stanley Visits Google

We took Stanley to pick up Daddy.  We took some pictures at Google.

I love Stanley a lot.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Stanley's Here in Washington!

Stanley's visiting us!  Stanley got flat by a bulletin board falling on him.  He'll travel in an envelope. After we finish playing with him we will mail him to our family members so that he can have more fun!
I was really excited when Stanley came.
 I love Stanley's cool new clothes that we made!
I was hugging Stanley!

Eloise was hugging Stanley, too!

Stanley was really tired after his trip through the laminator, so we tucked him in our guest bed.
We are bringing Stanley to Seattle.